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Marketing Is Broken. So Now What?

Digital marketers are under a LOT of pressure these days. As we have always been, we're constantly inundated with fresh ideas, new platforms, and innovative technologies to take advantage of. But in addition to that, those of us working with high-flying startups, venture capital or private equity-backed firms, and six-figure enterprise campaigns are also wrestling with investor expectations, demanding CMOs, and an iOS update that has rocked the marketing world.

Fellow marketers - I feel your pain!

Want to know what the biggest problems are that I think marketers are facing AND the solutions my agency is relying upon to solve them? Check it out below!

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Email Open & Click Rates Are Overrated: 3 Ways To Dig Deeper On Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The days of only analyzing two metrics in your email marketing data - open & click rate - are over. Or at least they should be over! Why? Because while these benchmark metrics served us well for a while, they no longer encompass the full picture of what's going on with your email marketing campaigns. Plus, they probably weren't that accurate to begin with!

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