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Email Open & Click Rates Are Overrated: 3 Ways To Dig Deeper On Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The days of only analyzing two metrics in your email marketing data - open & click rate - are over. Or at least they should be over! Why? Because while these benchmark metrics served us well for a while, they no longer encompass the full picture of what's going on with your email marketing campaigns. Plus, they probably weren't that accurate to begin with!

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Organic Facebook for Medical | Digital Reach Blog

Facebook for Medical Practices: 5 Tips to Get Started

I saw a study from 2017 that found that found that 41 percent of health care consumers use social media to decide on their health care providers. My guess is that a few years later that number has only grown. But social media + medical isn't always an intuitive pairing. We work with medical practices, healthcare SaaS companies, and medical-focused nonprofits all over the US and one thing is a constant - many in the industry just don't know where to start.

So here we are with 5 tips to get started maximizing Facebook for medical!

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