Search Engine Marketing: It Is For Everyone

We’re starting off the day with a citrusy Honduran coffee and continuing our previous discussion about search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is extremely effective because the people who utilize search engines have an intent or a reason for their search. They want to know something or find something–what’s the forecast for the upcoming week, where is the nearest sushi restaurant, etc.

Certain keywords have different levels of intent, so you want your keywords to match what people are searching for as it relates to your business and their intent.

So, what does your advertisement need to have? Number one, the keyword.

For example: If someone types in their search bar “Best sushi near me,” then your ad should say something like “Best sushi in town” to drive traffic using those similar keywords.

Another important thing to remember is that the landing page linked to your ad should match whatever is mentioned in the ad.

For example: Your ad that reads “Best sushi in town” should lead to a webpage that includes the address of the restaurant, the store hours, the store phone number, and some glowing reviews about the food. Maybe even a description about how you buy the freshest local seafood in the county to serve to your guests.

Always think about the keywords and how those keywords relate to what the consumer is looking for and what your business, products, or services have to offer.

It’s a simple science that will help your business rank high in the search engine results pages if you pay attention to those keywords!