Why You Need Search Engine Advertising Campaigns For Your Local Business

I’m starting my day with some floral, fruity Ethiopian coffee while I tell you about local search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing ads are the ones you see on Google when you do a search. Specifically with local searches, the search will give you two or three search results, a map with those results, and the organic listing.

This type of search advertising is high intent, meaning that the people who end up finding these search results have an end goal at the forefront of their mind. They’re determined to find what they need right then and there.

Search advertising is very simple and very effective. It catches people when they have the highest level of intent and when they’re ready to make a decision. It’s sometimes so immediate that they can go straight from their search directly to you (by phone, directions, etc.) before ever even visiting your website.

Some local services can even get the “Google Guarantee” where Google will verify your business and advertisements. This will increase the likelihood of people choosing your business over another, unverified one.

Search advertising is the fastest path to conversion and an excellent way to attract traffic to your company or service in the shortest amount of time.