Using the HubSpot Calculation Property to Make Simple Calculations


Ever wanted to know how many deals a particular contact or company has? How about how much revenue has closed from a particular company?

Let's say you’re an ecommerce company and have an ecommerce plugin that syncs over sales from your website as deals in HubSpot. Wouldn’t you like to see the lifetime value of one of your customers? Or the total number of transactions they have made? Maybe you want to total lifetime donations for your non-profit?

With HubSpot calculation properties, it’s possible!

To create a calculation property, go into Properties and select Create Property

After naming your property and clicking Next, choose Calculation for the property type. Click next and you’ll come to the page where you can build the calculation!

Let’s build a calculation for the count of deals in a particular pipeline. For the sake of example, let’s say we’re looking to count the number of donations. 

  1. Under Calculated Property Type choose Count 
  2. Under Associated Record Type choose Deal
  3. Under the Associated Record Property, I chose Deal Name, since we want to count all of the deals.  
  4. Under Additional Condition we want to create a condition to only count deals in the “Donations” pipeline. This prevents the calculation from counting deals in other pipelines. You can choose whichever pipeline you want to count here.

After completing these steps, we create the property! Now we have a property that counts the total number of donations that an individual has made! You can follow these same steps for ecommerce deals, or general sales deals - whatever fits your company's needs.

If you need help building this or anything like it, reach out to me and the Digital Reach team at We are a HubSpot Platinum agency and our HubSpot team is ready to help you maximize the use of your HubSpot instance!