What is a Marketing Operations team?And Can You Afford To Hire One?

 What is a Marketing Operations team

Marketing Operations refers to the people, processes, technology, data, and strategy that drive an organization's marketing efforts. Through all these different roles and factors, the marketing team can operate efficiently and deliver the desired business outcomes.

Think of Marketing Operations as the engine that drives results. This department focuses on behind-the-scenes activities that ensure that processes run smoothly and campaigns reach their goals. 

Members within the team still possess traditional marketing skills but also possess more technical and analytical skills. A typical Marketing Operations team has many responsibilities — which include but are not limited to:

  • Measuring and evaluating marketing performance
  • Implementing marketing technologies (i.e. Hubspot)
  • Producing content and design 
  • Media buying
  • Developing and improving the overall marketing process
  • Providing professional development and support for the marketing team
  • Helping with strategic planning and budgeting

Marketing Operations Is Critical To The Success Of Any Business

Marketing Operations enables marketing departments to operate efficiently. Essentially, the marketing ops team is responsible for supporting the systems and processes that allow the marketing team to perform optimally in their roles.

The vast set of roles and functions involved within this department help:

  • Optimize campaigns
  • Reduce cost centers
  • Minimize inefficiencies
  • Manage technological complexities (i.e. Hubspot)
  • Streamline data reporting and metrics tracking
  • Enhance project delivery
  • Enrich client communications
  • Increase ROI 

The truth is, without marketing operations, it would be tough for marketing teams to complete essential activities effectively. 

Marketing Operations Teams & Their Salaries



Median Annual Salary 

Vice President Of Marketing Operations

247,600 USD

Marketing Operations Manager

86,909 USD

Marketing Technologies Specialist

62,150 USD

Data Analytics Specialist

119,500 USD

Creative Director

141,957 USD

Email Specialist

62,150 USD

Social Media Specialist

56,625 USD

Content Strategist

76,432 USD


68,000 USD

Graphic Designer

57,000 USD


This is if you just hired for every role at a median salary range...not experts!

978,323 USD


As you can see, the payroll expense of having to launch a whole new sub-department for your marketing team can make quite the dent in your yearly budget. 

A Highly Affordable Alternative

Let’s face it, for most businesses, hiring an entire marketing operations team won’t make sense. There are too many diverse roles and specializations you need to cover to make it work. And quite simply, that’s a lot of salaries at the end of the year on your books!

So what’s the solution? 

You can get the same set of expertise (and perhaps even more) by hiring an agency to drive your business forward.

Chances are a well-established agency will have plenty of experience solving business problems and challenges similar to yours and your industry. Such agencies also tend to attract the best of talent as well. This means you get access to the industry-leading professionals and their set of resources and technologies for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-out marketing operations team in-house.


Partnering with the right agency can bring you big wins on multiple fronts. Your monthly retainer will only be a fraction of the cost of having your marketing operations team. And you also access the best professionals and their set of tools, resources, and expertise. 

The most significant advantage of partnering with a high-growth and high-performance agency is the fact that you’re more likely to drive your business forward. Whether you’re aiming for more revenues and sales, high AOVs, or just increased exposure, these firms usually have done it all by the time they engage with you.

Looking For Your Secret Weapon?

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